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Despite working hard to mitigate any chance of negative news, the truth is it happens. When these unfortunate instances arise, we quickly takes action to provide its clients with a plan to respond, often before the media even take interest. Being prepared with a crisis communications plan is the key to preventing media coverage and protecting brands.

Working with a plan in place helps ensure everyone is on board and messages are communicated quickly and effectively.

We assess each crisis situation before developing a response plan. In some instances a prepared statement is used only reactively. In other cases, we prepare our clients for television interviews, website statements and more. 


We take our clients through the initial setup and ongoing management of Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and interaction with influential bloggers, along with other emerging social networking sites that help increase lead flow and build awareness. These social media services aim to leverage innovative communication strategies by creating interactive experiences for a targeted set of audiences.


We have a track record of forging successful relations between our clients and the world outside, or the world just around the corner. We have arranged meetings between companies and community groups, politicians and activist organizations, religious groups and ordinary citizens. In all cases, our work resulted in harmony and good relations between our clients and the various organizations and individuals. We know that the way toward building relations between our clients and others is first by building trust.


National publicity delivers the greatest impact – enhancing lead generation, raising awareness and increasing recognition. We work with national media stationed across the country at a wide variety of outlets, recognizing the important role national media plays in helping those we represent reach their goals.


As a full service public relations firm, we develop creative event promotion ideas that get exposure. We work with our clients to plan and execute openings, launches, trade shows, charity galas and fundraisers to get the maximum media coverage and visibility.

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